Code of Conduct

In order to ensure a safe, productive and fun atmosphere, all who use the Three Swords Fencing Club facility must adhere to this code of conduct. By using Three Swords Fencing Club facilities, you agree to abide by this code and be subject to its disciplinary provisions. Club members must further abide by this code of conduct when fencing at other clubs where they represent themselves as members of Three Swords Fencing Club, whether in practices or competitions.

We expect a high level of sportsmanship and a gracious and flexible demeanor toward your fellow fencers, coaches, visitors, parents, fencing facilities and the rules of the game. A good rule of thumb is: behavior that would get you a warning or yellow card at a competition will get you a warning or yellow card at the club. This includes but is not limited to the following specific prohibitions:

  • Name-calling, negative talk, or taunting
  • Dangerous or vindictive fencing
  • Extreme unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Swearing
  • Throwing equipment
  • Risking injury to self or others
  • Arguing or yelling
  • Misuse of club equipment
  • Failure to follow directives of coaches or senior club members

Fencers who violate this code of conduct will receive a verbal warning. Fencers who receive more than one warning in a given practice will lose fencing privileges for that day without reimbursement of club dues. Fencers who lose daily fencing privileges on more than one occasion or whose behavior is particularly severe (including but not limited to reckless endangerment or fostering a hostile atmosphere) are subject to suspension from the club. Suspended fencers will be prohibited from the use of the facilities until further notice without reimbursement of club dues.

Club officers will be responsible for reviewing all suspensions. They will decide when and if a suspended member will be reinstated.