Arnold Fencing Classic, Columbus, OH

Exciting results from the Arnold Fencing Classic! On Sunday Rosalyn took second in Mixed Y12 Epee! She was 12thout of pools and won four DEs, upsetting the 5th, 8thand 1stseed on her way to the finals. She displayed some real girl power as she beat boys from New York and Puerto Rico. In the end she lost the final 11-15 to a boy from Virginia. A truly great result for someone who’s only been fencing four months and her second competition. Other results: Carson took 9thin DIV 2 Epee, giving him the points he needed to auto qualify for DIV 2 and 3 in the Summer Nationals, meeting his goal. Brad took 7thin VET Epee and 6thin VET Foil, nudging him higher on the rolling points list. Aidan took 9thand Rosalyn also took 10thout of 22 in Y14 Mixed Epee. Aidan also took 10thin Cadet Epee. Kudos to Carissa for showing up and being there to support the club.

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