WMFA Season Opener

WMFA Season Opener – Epee Individual and Team Event, Grand Rapids, MI – 8/25/18

The Three Swords Fencing Club team officially kicked of the season Saturday at the West Michigan Fencing Academy Season Opener. We had amazing participation at this first event with 12 members of the club traveling to Grand Rapids to fence. Some notable results in the individual event, out of a field of 48 fencers, include: Michael Marchenko placing 13th, the highest placing U; Claire Norconk placing 10th, renewing her D and the highest placing female fencer; Katarina Kline, in her second competition, is the 2ndhighest placing female after winning her first DE; Carson Clark finishing 15th, above many other higher rated fencers; and Julia Kline and April Fitzhugh, fencing in their first competition, making their opponents work for their touches, as both women took their first DEs into the 3rdperiod.

In the team event our club fielded four out of the 14 teams and there were a few upsets and surprises. The all-female TSFC team Cherry Bombs with Laurie Lapp, Julia Kline, and April Fitzhugh faced down the more experienced team Gary Will Carry with Gary Hayenga, Andrew Aitken, and Alex Colwell but did not go down without a fight. The team Something Old, Something New comprised of Sydney Frederick, Andrew Kleman, and Doug Schultz upset their club’s team Got My Point?, which included Carissa Eitzen, Claire Norconk, and Katarina Kline. They then went on to fence the number one seeded team APE, which included three A-rated fencers. They fought hard and lost but Sydney, as the anchor, had an amazing run of touches against Paul Vag-Urminsky, going five for five in the final bout. The other surprise (but not to us) was the team Bear Infested Waters comprised of Michael Marchenko, Carson Clark, and Rowan Schultz. After successfully handling the higher seeded BARFA team A Rose Between Two Thorns, they faced the number two seeded team Corps-a-Corps, which included Barney Benyovszky, Dale Karolak, and Jared Felker. Although The Bears eventually fell they made it interesting for Corps-a-Corps, clawing, scratching, and biting through an incredible round amidst the cheering of all their Three Swords Fencing Club teammates!

And thank you to coach Robert Bartle for all your support and encouragement!

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